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Lead Generation Management System

The Lead Generation Management System is a web based system software to help companies efficiently manage leads, track, distribute and analyze leads.
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Sales Leads Management Online Access to your data from anywhere, whenever you need it.
Sales Lead Assignment Assign leads to individual sales representatives online.
Eliminate Sales Lead Duplication Eliminate sales lead duplication from different sources.
Contractors Online Marketing Ensure 100% lead follow-up.
Sales Leads Exchange Online No worry about data loss through hardware or software "crashes"
Contractor Sales Lead Generation No software to install, configure, and maintain. Just use a web browser.
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"This works! It does everything lead generation management system should do... It's easy, too." - Alex R. Toronto

"Lead management system is awesome. If you value your time, effort and money this is the program to use." - Leon S.Vaughan

"...we already made a sale that more than covered the cost of our annual Leads Management System subscription." - Andre F. Richmond Hill

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